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Hello everyone!

I would like to update you on all the exciting things happening at Always Hope Goods!  First, let me take the time to thank you for your loyalty to spread the message of Hope by wearing it each and every day!  Second, let me personally say thank you for supporting Always Hope Goods as we can in turn, continue to spread the message of Hope found in Jesus!

This week, I would like encourage you to take a moment and visit our website and check out our Father’s Day Collection that was just released.  With Father’s Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate a father or special someone than giving them some new Always Hope gear!

Below, are some of the items from that collection, but there is much more to see at the Always Hope Goods website!

>>If you have any questions, or would like to share an experience of Hope, feel free to email us at







To see all our different collections you can click here >> Collections

Take some time to enjoy a short devotional by Brandon Eskew >> Devotional



About Brandon Eskew

I came to Christ at a very young age. Growing up in, and around church my whole life, I fell into the "average Christian" routine where I would come to church and proclaim salvation, but something had not yet clicked. In 2010, in faith, I moved away from the church I was raised in my whole life, and family, to a new season, and attended a new church that I felt Christ was drawing me to. Since then, I have ventured to new levels of love and intimacy with Jesus. I have been consumed with a deeper burning to see the Glory of Jesus touch Earth. I love to encourage and build up to see people discover a Hope in Jesus that acts as an anchor for their soul. I love ya'll. Enjoy reading! I encourage you to like, comment, share, or add to the posts that you see on this page!
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